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Hi.  You know all those well thought-out blog introductions that explain the vision behind starting the blog and all the wonderful things that the blog is meant to accomplish and why the blog will change the face of blogging and so on and and so forth?  Not gonna happen here.  

It makes me think of all the grandiose plans a pregnant woman has for welcoming her first-born into the world: the big speeches, the tear-jerker movie moments.  One friend of mine even had an entire concert planned.  As the baby emerged from the birth canal, she was to be greeted by the sounds of Elton John singing some sentimental song that may or may not have been Circle of Life.  The post-C-section reality turned out to be quite different.  Ah, the best laid plans of mice and mums.  

Which is why, when my turn finally came and my doula asked me what my birth plan was, I answered, "Plan?  My plan is to go with the flow."  Which, if you ask me (recovering control freak) is a pretty good plan - for birthing and for blogging.  And, when you think about it, for living.

So, hi.  Take a read.  Something may grab you.  Or help you.  Amuse or inspire you.  Or not.  But the fun part is finding out!